Tile - things you should know when planning and designing your tile

When Planning and Selecting Tile there are a few things you should know and understand that we feel will help you through this process

Overall Design

- Typically the best way to begin is by first researching the internet. There are several great sites like Houzz and Pinterest which have a large collection of pictures of finished bathrooms and kitchens showing off tile. These sites are meant to help inspire you as to what you like. Often thousands of dollars are spent on designers to come up with what works and looks good together, so take your time and glean what you can from what you see on these sites. In the end only YOU can decide what YOU like.

- Some people feel overwhelmed with choses, so they choose to hire a designer to help them make tile selections. This can be a great way to make your tile selections and layout go smoothly and quickly. Many designers offer to 'assist' in your selections, or just 'approve' or make suggestions to what you have chosen and will charge a much smaller fee than if they are not presenting a full design. Designers can be surprisingly affordable and well worth the money for the time and 'stress' you can potentially save yourself in the selections process.



It's not uncommon for a client to select a tile they like, only to find out later (when it's time to purchase it) that the tile they picked was discontinued. Before leaving the store, ask if the tile you have chosen is available and if they have it all in stock, or can order enough for your project.

Service 3

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